Biomedical Technical Support

There is a need to strengthen the mutual knowledge transfer between medical technology and healthcare practitioners.

Things to be addressed for an improved life expectancy:

  1. Bridging the knowledge gap between medical engineering and healthcare practitioners
  2. Quality device training for clinicians and healthcare staff on medical technology
  3. Implementation of newer technologies into medical sector accompanied with quality support and services towards healthcare institutes
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Source: OECD Health Statistics 2013,

The figure is a statistical representation of Life expectancy at birth and health spending per capita, 2011 (nearest year). We strive to address the efficient utilization of health spending per capita for a greater life expectancy.

We deliver high quality biomedical technical support and services to hospitals for their existing and upcoming medical devices. We conduct training sessions focused on ensuring the understanding and usage of the medical equipment and its operating software.

Our understanding of healthcare utilization, technical assistance and training will help the clinicians and researchers in improving diagnosis and treatment in long term patient care.